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If you get error message "..incorrect hal or hob files..", when starting the system, it could be that you have to delete halcust and hobcust folders from your HansaWorld client installation. You can do it by following those 3 easy steps:

1. Open the folder, where the system is located

If you use shortcut to to run the system and don't know where the folder is, you can find it out by right click on the shortcut. See Pic1 for Mac and Pic2 for Windows.

Pic1 - locating the HansaWorld application folder from shortcut on Mac Pic1 - locating the HansaWorld application folder from shortcut on Windows

Pic1 - locating application folder on Mac             Pic2 - locating application folder on Windows

Finder will open on Mac (Pic3) and Windows Explorer will open on Windows (Pic4), showing you the required folder contents.

2. Delete the required folders

Select and delete folders halcust and halpatch, if you have those.

Pic3 - selecting and deleting required folders on Mac Pic2 - selecting and deleting required folders on Windows

    Pic3 - selecting and deleting folders on Mac        Pic4 - selecting and deleting folders on Windows

Don't worry about deleting any information/data - all important information is stored on our servers, therefore you can't delete anything important (HansaWorld related).

3. Run the application again

After deleting required folder you should start the application as usually. It will automatically update all necessary data from the server.

Possible issues

The process is simple and most of it will happen automatically in the background, however - if you run into any kind of issues:

  • you can ask your colleague to give you complete HansaWorld folder on usb stick or other media;
  • you can download fresh zip archive here, unzip it and continue with running the application;
    • if you are not yet familiar with unarchiving (unzipping) files and folders, please find more info on topic here (for Mac) and here (for Windows) and here (for Windows 8).
  • in case if neither of those steps solve your issue, please contact our support: 67808240 or



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