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Sometimes after server restart E-invoices service stops working. In order to make sure Estonian E-invoice service is not working, you can check report Ajastatud tegevuste nimekiri in module Tehnika. 

There must be 3 active services for Estonian E-invoices to work properly:




If any of these are missing (usually all of them), E-invoice functionality must be activated again. 

In order to do that, Person must be using Estonian interface. Module >> Üldine >> Settings (Seadistused) >> E-arvete seadistused

Use function Aktiveeri e-teenus under Operations. New window will appear where number 2 must be entered before pressing button Aktiveeri teenus. 

When it is done, window will close automatically. User should wait at least 15 seconds before running report Ajastatud tegevuste nimekiri in module Tehnika again. If 3 necessary services are running, E-invoices must be working properly. 

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