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In order to successfully start the data entry in HansaWorld in new fiscal year, please define :

  1. Nominal Ledger - Settings - Fiscal Years - define the current year in the same format as previous years. (warning) Before saving double check carefully because it is not possible to change it afterwards;
  2. Relevant Number Series in each module - Settings - Number Series. For example:
    Sales Ledger - Settings - Number Series - Invoices;
  3. Bank Holidays:
    System - Settings - Bank Holidays - add extra holidays in the already existing record (it is recommended to add new rows at the top of the record for the holidays in the current year, so it is easier to search); 
  4. Reporting Periods:
    System - Settings - Reporting Periods.
  5. Default number series ((warning) if they are used):
    1. System - Settings - Number Series Defaults;
    2. System - Registers - Persons - Number Series.

If there are changes in legislation related to the HansaWorld settings:

  1. VAT Rates - if VAT Rates are changed, it is recommended to create new rates.
    Nominal Ledger - Settings - VAT codes

If you need any help or having doubts, do not hesitate to contact us -

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