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In a situation where enterprise cash flow isn't as stable - number of potential delayed payments has increased, bank information processing and input has earned more significant meaning.
Despite the decrease of turnover and number of transactions this proccess hasn't become easier and isn't taking less time.
On the contrary - number of partial payments, separate payments for each invoice and last minute payments often make payment processing more time-consuming.
Need to increase the competitiveness and reduce costs, forces enterprises to do their work more efficiently and to direct all possible resources for work that increases value.

To help enterprises using Enterprise by HansaWorld overcome these challenges, we have created Banking Assistant.

Banking Assistant is a separate module with user customisable functionality which allows to move electronic bank statement data directly into Enterprise by HansaWorld(or the other way round).
In transfer process, which is possible even without accountant's participation, Banking Assistant recognizes information which identifies the customer and invoice and automatically creates the needed documents - payments and transactions.

Banking Assistant functionality

  • Easy creation of new customers
  • Automatic bank statement import in Enterpise by HansaWorld
  • Intelligent payment recognition and automatic attaching to corresponding invoices
  • Easy and simple unrecognized payment attachment to corresponding customer's invoices
  • Automatic receipt, payment, prepayment and personnel payment creation
  • Automatic transaction creation from bank fees, taxes and other charges
  • User friendly setting configuration for payment recognition and transaction creating


titleSignificantly reduced amount of manual labor
titlePossibility to quickly handle large volumes of payment data
titleFlexible and user-friendly configuration of parameters responsible for payment detection
titleAlmost completely removed probability for user input inattention errors


Zanda Bērziņa, Kamelota, member of the board: "Bank statement entry in system is one of the most ungrateful works. It requires significant amount of time, precision and concentration. And most importantly, it doesn't add any value - nobody gains anything - neither enterprise nor the customer or the employee. I am pleased that thanks to the Banking Assistant we can significantly reduce the amount of time required for this work. Undoubtedly, it increases our competitivness as well."

Linda Lipse, BTSC, key accountant: "Since it's the Accounting department that is responsible for enforcing the company's debtor control policy, we must assure that company does not take any unnecessary and avoidable risks. Banking assistant is helping significantly - keeping up the working pace with existing resources wouldn't be possible without Banking Assistant.

Gunta Ansone, EK Sistēmas, accountant: "It is possible to enter incoming payments much faster using bank statement import. Error probability is greatly reduced since using this feature each invoice is recognized and assigned to a specific customer. Same applies to customer data. Bank statement input with Banking Assistant is 3-4 times faster than manual input."


Banking Assistant monthly subscription fee is 50 EUR + VAT