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  • POS pattern - 'mask' which will be looked for in field 'Payment info'(if mask is found, new record for commission will be generated)

    ApzīmējumsFunctional symbols



    Jebkurš latīņu alfabēta burtsAny latin letter


    Skaitlis no Digit from 0 līdz to 9


    Zvaigznīte Star *


    Jebkurš simbols

    cits simbols

    Tieši norādītais simbolsAny symbol

    other symbol

    the specified symbol

  • Comm. patter - 'mask', which will look for commission sum(must specify full text before the sum, for example, if in comment there is "Commission:12.50", then You must enter "Commission:")
  • Comment - comment which will be inserted in new FidaVista record with commission sum