1. Make sure outgoing connections to these servers and ports are allowed:
    1. hansaworld.com:80 
    2. lookup.hansaworld.com:443 
    3. validate.hansaworld.com:443
    4. validate.hansaworld.com:1401
    5. downloads.hansaworld.com:80
    6. cloudcontroller.burti.lv:499
    7. cloudcontroller.burti.lv:2001
  2. Setup a StandardERP server if you don't have one already
  3. After setting up the database - import this additional file (to add the cloud node to Burti) burti_hosting_partner_block.txt
  4. Open Technics module
  5. Registers
  6. Programm status
  7. Special Menu -> Setup Cloud Node
  8. A window will open where you can make alterations (only if needed and approved beforehand)